Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nine months.....

...is long enough to have a baby; but that's NOT what I did. (dear god, no.) Nine months is a school year; but that's not what I did.

In the past nine months I was silent because I did nothing--almost nothing knitterly. My arm-thing (tendonitis to be precise) got out of control. And while I did many things--went to work, fell in love, sang karaoke, ate, slept, watched TV--I did not do much at all in the way of knitting. I've had weeks, just look at my Christmas posts, where I made as much as I have in the past nine months.

And then, last week I got The Shot. That's a story unto itself, and one which I will hopefully tell one of these days (you may have to remind me) but it means I can knit again. Maybe not quite at my old, breakneck pace. But I can knit socks and shawls and sweaters and my itching hands can finally quiet down.

I know it was rude to leave for so long, and I hope you'll all take me back. I have lots to share.