Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paging the ER...

Whew! It's been a while.

I've been working on various odds and ends, nothing that was particularly exciting or blogworthy, until last night.

This sweater, seen in it's initial iterations:

Is a lovely aran-type sweater. Nice, intricate cables, knit up in a semi-sport weight alpaca/merino blend. Heathered greens. I was calling it the "green cabled sweater" but I already made one of those. Also, that's boring. It's a little lighter than the other green cabled sweater, a little more "I can see the light at the end of this winter." Therefore, we shall call it the Imbolc sweater.

I've designed it myself, from scratch. This takes longer for cabled sweaters than I might have thought. I measured, charted, charted again, swatched, charted again, swatched again, cast on, knit for a while, ripped it out, cast on again, modified the chart...

You get the idea. I had worked out most of the kinks, and was finally making positive progress on the thing until a missed cable crossing led to a knitting emergency.

The Imbolc sweater was rushed to emergency cable surgery. I will warn you, knitters, this photo is a little bit graphic. The weak hearted might want to look away.

Whoa. Scary.

I was so relieved to have saved myself from this that I completely forgot an after picture, but rest assured, gentle readers. All is well. The sweater and I are recovering nicely, though I may be on bedrest for a little bit. Doing that to your sweater is beyond nerve-wrecking.

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