Saturday, December 15, 2007


So it took me another week to post. Broken computer, had to order a part, blah, blah, blah.

What you really came for was knitting. Let's take a tour:
Gift #1--Basic garter stitch scarf for my mom. Yarn is Classic Elite Desert. I have a ball and a half left. I thought maybe I have enough for mittens.

Next is a hat, done in a slipped stitch. This is my own handspun.

I was really surprised at how it turned out when I knitted it up. The yarn, when first spun and unplied seemed almost entirely blue. I navajo plied it, because I thought the blue would overwhelm the yellow and green if I plied them together double. The yarn really turned out well, and as you can see, the green and yellow really stood out--maybe even more than the blue.

I also have made considerable progress on the Cobblestone sweater.

It's still in pieces here, but I have since joined the yoke and started decreases. I'll try to have photos tomorrow. I'm snowed in, and I won't have anything to do but knit.

You should also look forward to finished pictures of these mittens. I finished the second one at work on Thursday, and all I have left to do is weave in all the ends, and block them to straighten out the colorwork a bit. Faire Isle is definitely not my strong suit, and the stitching is still a bit wonky.

However, my relative ineptitude has not stopped me from taking on some pretty complex colorwork. There's a picture of colorwork that I won't show you until it's complete and has been gifted, since the intended recipient sometimes drops by the blog. Don't want to give away too many surprises today.

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