Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I'm moving again, tonight I'm in Stevens Point Wisconsin, and soon I'm off to parts unknown. But, weary travelers and blog-readers, don't think that this means I have given up on knitting.

Picture-time has been sparse, there are few daylight hours left (the sun sets at 4:30, which strikes me as awfully early even for November) and I'm away from the knitting and the camera for most of that time.

However, I've finally managed to capture a few frames to let you know what I've gotten into in the past week or so.

First up is this rather plain and wonky looking black sock:

It's kind of funnily shaped when there's no foot in it, but don't be decieved. I've used EZ's shaped arch, and extended it all the way around the foot, so it meets in the front. See here:
It has a kind of interesting look, which reminds me of tabi boots, without the toe-split. This is the first of a pair of traveling socks, which actually ended up being my sitting-in-a-meeting-all-day socks. Great meeting, I got a lot done. They're not too much to look at, but they're quite comfy.
This here is what you're probably more interested in looking at. The adapted print 'o the waves scarf, grafted, finished, blocked. Isn't it lovely? I want to wear it, but it's a Yule present.

The camera is in a different location than me for the next two days, but hopefully this weekend you'll see the (limited) progress that's been made on a hat to match the scarf. I haven't clearly or cleverly thought through the lace decreases. Suggestions welcome.

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