Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Great Outside

Knitting is something of an indoor sport, which is great for me. I'm really more of an indoor girl. But I'm willing to consider becoming slightly more of an out-of-doors girl if the view is going to look like this:

This is Evergreen, up in the foothills of the Rockies, outside of Denver. I went up there with Courtney (the bride) and Ashley (best friend/bridesmaid). Courtney went to a spa with her aunts and her mother to have their nails done, which left Ashley and I to explore the tiny town and the lake.
Here is a picture of Ashley, who was determined that--being in the great outside--we were to find animals. Specifically she wanted a bear, or an elk. I didn't have the heart at the time to tell her that bear and elk were not likely to frequent a vacation town in the suburbs of Denver. So I just followed her around as she searched.

Just as we were leaving to pick up Courtney she saw a beaver, but it was quite far away. Ashley was very disappointed as we picked Courtney up from the salon. But then, as we drove down the mountain, she saw something:

A point of etiquette: when you are in a car that is driving down a narrow mountain road, and you see deer grazing on the side of the road, no matter how excited you are, or how much you wanted to see deer on your first trip out west, you should never yell "DEER!" at the top of your lungs, thus causing panic in both the driver and other passengers.

However startled Courtney and I were, the deer were perfectly calm, as you can see here.

Next in knitting: the dollar-and-a-half cardi.

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