Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pictures, but not progress

The summer top is half done. Simple, cotton, with short row shaping in the bust. I was excited to finish it and wear it. But alas:
It remains half finished. I had switched to a simple toe-up sock on Friday in anticipation of going to the movies and needing something that worked for in-the-dark knitting.

Isn't it pretty? It's not done either. My arm was hurting a bit early in the day, but it really kicked in while i was picking up the figure-eight toe cast on (there's a fair bit of finagling involved, and i'm afraid that's what put my bum wrist over the edge) and i had to sit through Mr Brooks with no knitting at all. I ate a lot of popcorn. Luckily it was a good movie.

See? There's the bum wrist, all wrapped up. The shooting pains have subsided, and now I have more of a general, dull aching. But the knitting makes it flare up again, and I'd rather not knit for a couple of weeks while my body sorts itself out than cause some more horrible injury that will put me out of action for longer. So i'm thinking of new things that I will amuse you with while I have no finished objects or wip updates. Today you get pictures. This weekend: linkfest!

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