Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just a suggestion.

If you live in one of 22 super Tuesday states, you are a lucky individual. I encourage you to go to your polling place or caucus location and support the candidate of your choice, regardless of leaning or party.

Personally, I live in the politically irrelevant state of Indiana, but I'm happy to let you know that if I had a vote to count today, this is who I'd cast it for:

Not just for the singing. For the hope. It's not often in the jaded world of modern politics someone can talk so unremittingly about hope and the power of individual people to change an entrenched system while continuing to sound at all sincere. I think that's what I need now as a voter, and what we could surely use as a nation. So my vote, that I gave myself by virtue of having a blog, and a little voice on some corner of the internet, goes to Barack Obama. I hope you have a candidate you believe in just as much. And I hope you get involved, and when it is your time, that you cast your vote for him or her.

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