Friday, February 01, 2008

Things I have been working on

Yesterday was an exciting night for me. It was the first night I spent in my new apartment. And anyone who has moved into a new place, ever, in their whole lives will understand that I didn't get any sleep. New places have new sounds, and new cars driving by at new times, and new dogs barking, and new neighbors upstairs moving about at odd times, or maybe it's just the house shifting and I really shouldn't be commenting on the habits of my upstairs neighbor who seems a lovely sort of girl and has a really pretty coat, maybe i should ask her where she got it next time i see her. (I'm going to have to take a moment and apologize to all my English teachers ever for that sentence. Sorry. Let's continue...)

anyhoodle, I am tired, and all of me hurts from the moving which is not at all complete. But I just had to show off my new, still messy apartment to the internets in general because i am beyond pleased to finally have my own little home. it's been nice living with my mom last year, i'm certainly grateful for the free room and board she's offered me while i got back on my feet, but let us face it: living with one's mother is not the most liberating of experiences. This is particularly true when one has previously lived on one's own, as I did.

I now present you with a photo tour of "Things I Like About my Apartment"
Thing the first: My Kitchen

There was a time when I was known among my friends as quite the cook. Now that I have all my things out of storage and arranged just so, I am somewhat eager to see if this is still the case.

I even have my own little kitchen table at which I am sitting this very moment. See the computer. Imagine me in the chair, that's what's going on now. That mess of newspaper and boxes is even still there. (Thing the second I like: I don't have to clean up until i'm ready, because only i see the mess.)

The apartment I rented is a studio, a little back apartment in what was once a big ol' colonial house. It has some nice details from the old house like this:

A built in...oh, i don't even know what to call it, "place-of-storing-my-craft-stuff-and-displaying-pictures". Or "Thing I like: number 3." Yeah, that's better.

Next we have my own pictures on my own walls. Fourth think I like about my apartment.

And here are some books. Lots of books, most of which were in storage with my kitchen stuff until recently. They are thing the fifth that I like about my new apartment: Books.

I'll update you with slightly more presentable pictures soon shortly eventually someday


Anonymous said...

i love your place! in richmond, or someplace else?

Bea said...

here in richmond. i'm going to be here for a year more, i think.