Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not Knitting

This is a blog about knitting. I try to keep it mainly as such, but sometimes other things sneak in. This makes sense because I assume that most of the people who visit this site (Hi L's!) know me in some capacity. I really have no way to know, since there aren't really a lot of comments (hi L's) but I'm going to assume that if you're here, you're interested in me and my life or opinions or writing or whatever as well as the pretty little bits that fall off my needles. So, sometimes I include other things. I think it keeps our relationship fresh.

The thing about me that-is-not-knitting for today is this: I am a total political wonk. Totally. Just, wow. I am ten kinds of excited for the election next year. I have been ten kinds of excited for the 2008 election since this time last year. I soak up news about who's in, who's out, who's got a committee, who's announced formally, who has better fund raisers, who's fighting with David Geffen.

And now I have found this: Intrade. A website where you can bet invest actual real cold-hard American currency on when and if political events will take place. Here you can predict when and if Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will resign. (contracts for a resignation by the end of this year are currently selling at $70.) Here you can predict which party will win the 2008 presidential election.

It's a good thing I don't have any money. Otherwise I would totally bet invest it on the political futures market.


Anonymous said...

yay, a special note just for me in your lovely blog. see, i am such a regular reader, and i heart your updates!

Anonymous said...

WHOA i can actually leave a comment!!! i didn't think i could b/c i dont have an account, but i can be anonymous! (which i still have problems spelling)