Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When you see how bad it really is

I am not a faithful knitter. I usually have at least one project on the needles that I "need" to finish (something I've promised a friend or family member, or something that the weather requires) I usually have at least one project on the needles that I want to finish. usually this is either lace or socks. or lace socks. I like those best.

Additionally, I often have one or two projects for which I am either planning, charting, or swatching. Or even just yarn that i lovingly place in the giant basket o' knitting-things-that-aren't-in-storage-since-i-moved and stare at while I wait for inspiration.

All this goes to say that I am not the kind of knitter who will, at any time, be working on only one piece of knitting.

And ordinarily that's okay. But, sometimes, it gets out of control. Now is one of those times.

of course, you'll understand that the wedding shawl merino needed immediate winding and swatching:

This is a nosegay lace pattern that I rather love. Right now it's on 2.75mms (US 2s) but I think I'll swatch it on 3.5mms (US 4s). Rest assured, there will be a great deal of swatching and false starts. But I have to work quickly. This shawl is due on the 28th of April to be presented to a certain bride to whom it has been promised. 45 days. With everything else you're about to see, you'll need to wish me luck.

For we must not forget the dollar-and-a-half cardigan from Interweave's Spring 2007 magazine:

Progress on the cardigan continues apace. I have little to say about it except that it is clear from the start I will have to give it a good blocking. Which is the same thing I had to do for the Imbolc Aran:

I churned the front out in a relatively short amount of time, considering the complications I had with it. The back goes much slower. I chalk it up to distraction. If I were a good knitter, I would not have started a cardigan for myself while I make a sweater for someone else.

I also chalk the cashsocks up to distraction. Though I do still love them fiercely and know that we shall be together someday.

On the other hand, I care little for my mom's scarf. I have a feeling this may fall into the frog pond to be given another try next time winter comes upon us (I mean, really, what's she going to do with a scarf in April?)

And this, finally, is my 5th work in progress. It's something that's been kicking around in my head for a long time, but that never really got past that stage where I go buy a bunch of brightly colored acrylic and look at it and think, "hey, i should make...

...a stuffed Strong Bad."

That's 5 projects on needles. Two of these (sweater, cardigan) are pretty big commitments . One of these (shawl) is an intense-bordering-on-crazy commitment considering my time limit. The other two, whatever, I'll forget them and start something new tomorrow.

Such are the travails of a fickle and untrue knitter.

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