Wednesday, August 15, 2007


birthday to me. Yesterday.
I got treats. I got cards (thanks Court!), I got phone calls and messages. And carrot cake. It was a delicious birthday.

I'm still working on the herringbone cardi. As of now progress stands thusly:

Two fronts, one back, 2/3 of sleeve number one. I'm hoping to have sleeve 1 finished by Friday.

Also, my sister has promised to buy me yarn as a birthday present. Clearly Blue Moon Fiber Arts will serve me well here, but what colorway? They're like kids. How could I choose just one?


Ev said...

Belated happy (shared) birthday!! Mine's Aug. 14, too!

You do nice work.. Love the herringbone sweater.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE carrot cake - its my favorite too! :) (assuming it is indeed your favorite). in fact, i just bought carrots and a grater (didn't have one - gasp!) to make it myself. i've been trying, without much success, to convince steve it is the perfect wedding cake flavor...he says it isn't appropriate for a wedding, even though it is one of his favorite flavors...oh well, i'm the girl, i plan the wedding, i will just surprise him with a flavor. :) anyway...can't wait to see you when i'm home again (and see all your really pretty projects in person!)