Thursday, August 23, 2007

Together Again

All the major pieces of the cardi are finished. Here it is seen in repose after I got home from work this afternoon:
This evening I finished the sewing up, and I'm working on the button bands right now. I've never done a button band, so I'm flying a little blind. Anyone with good tips should speak up now, while I'm still in the early stages. I really don't think that anyone here wants to deal with me 47 button-band-frogging incidents into this project. I'm liable to get this far and throw the whole thing in the street for the cars to run over it, then come back inside and delete all posts that suggests I even thought of designing my own cardigan. Which means, if you read this, it hasn't gotten that bad yet.

To further my tenuous grasp on knitting-related sanity (I make no claims on any other kind of sanity) I have taken this as my patron skein:

Yep. That's STR in Mystic Kelp, courtesy of the sister.

I have to confess, it's my first from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Certainly not the last. I'm thinking of ordering some more next week. Or tomorrow. Maybe right now. Uh oh.

Outside the squishy softness of the yarn, the beautiful, beautiful hand-dyed colors, Socks that Rock like to pose for photo shoots even more than my regular stash.

Seen here in repose in the bushes outside my house.

And here, getting ready to tend the garden. Yes, I believe this is the beginning of something beautiful.

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