Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There is love and work and lover's work

Sometimes, when you stay up all night for no reason listening to Songs:Ohia this is what you end up with:

This is a picture I took near the river where my old apartment was in Oshkosh. Something about it, something I can't clearly articulate, tells how I felt for much of the time I lived there.

This picture, taken the same day, shows the river view, and the railroad bridge. Again, there's something about the way these pictures look, something about the weirdness and uselessness of the light that makes me think about those months.

If I remember correctly, I ran outside to take pictures because of the light that the setting sun was casting on the clouds. By the time I got out to the river and was taking pictures, there was nothing particularly great about the clouds, and there was certainly nothing great about the lighting situation. Altogether these are not the best pictures I've taken, in fact, I disliked them so much I hadn't even bothered to photoshop or resize them until tonight.

But tonight it's not about my best pictures. It's about the pictures that captured the mood.

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