Thursday, January 11, 2007

Twice knit... twice blessed. I love dearly the idea of double knitting. It was my Knitting Olympics project to double knit socks, I've also worked a doll version of the Hoover blanket.

I often wonder why I don't double knit more often, seeing as it is mainly socks that I knit these days. So when I had a scarf to knit for my mom, I decided to do a two-sided scarf and double knit it.

This is what it looks like when you double knit:

It's all pretty simple, really. You cast on double the number of stitches you need, then you knit across slipping every other stitch. This makes the front. Then you knit across the back, slipping every other stitch just the same way.

Like this!

Here's the thing. I love the idea of double knitting. I hate. I hate, I hate actually double knitting. I hate slipping the stitches. It really slows me down, and I need the gratification of accomplishing row after quick-knit row. When you double knit, half the stitches are slipped, which means that you're not adding anything onto it.

This will not do at all. So yesterday I switched it from double knit, to single knit on double pointed needles.

Just like that, no more double knitting! I can knit faster, easier, and no more slipped stitches.

Now if only I could solve the problem of color knitting...

I love the idea of color knitting.

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