Sunday, July 01, 2007

From Bad to Good

So I had some wonderful plans on Friday to visit my friend Tarah in Bloomington and see one of my favorite shows. I was pretty excited, but some unforeseen circumstances ended up keeping me from going. Good thing I got this in the mail to take the edge off this disappointment:
These were from some very nice people from Eel River Marketing who sent me this beautiful bamboo yarn. They do a lot of work with soy products there, not only yarn and fiber, but lotion, hand creams, and candles.

I also began swatching the Kashmir. I'm still not telling you what it's for, though.

Additionally, I spent Saturday with my dad's family. My grandparents were in town, and though I forgot my camera you can just picture me having fun and watching fireworks on the lake.

So all in all, I think I've redeemed Friday night to have a good little weekend. I'm still going to see Who's Bad in August, though.

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