Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm sorry

Whew! It's been a long time.

First, there was vacation. I wasn't really around a computer for much of it. But I returned from California a little tanner, and with a haircut last Thursday/Friday. (It was a late flight. I still don't want to talk about it.)

This past week I've been holed up trying to do some work for the Etsy shop, and looking for a new job. So, I'm sorry for not posting.

But hey, here. Look at what I did:

I finished these socks. These are made of the Regia that I got on sale in Broad Ripple. they were double knit, just for an added bit of challenge.

I also fell down the Mystery Stole 3 rabbit hole a couple of weeks ago. I blame the Harlot.

I pinned it out for photos when I was done with clue 1.

Aren't the details nice? The yarn is a beautiful burgundy. It's Jagger Spun wool/silk courtesy of my all-time favorite LYS. (It's the only one in the town where I went to college, and where I learned to knit. I think we all have a soft spot for our firsts.)

Here it is, not pinned out, but with clue 2 complete. I'm just a bit behind. Clue 3 hasn't been started, and clue 4 is out tomorrow, but there will be two weeks between clues 4 and 5, so I think I'm pacing myself pretty well.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to say happy 19th birthday to my sister. Unfortunately, she has to wait until 12:01am Friday night/Saturday morning for her present. I can't wait, either.


sapphic_beats said...

those socks are great!!!

and haircut? pics or STFU! ;)

sapphic_beats said...

oh p.s. this is lisa, btw.