Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I'm a horrible blogger. No updates for a week, but I have an excuse.

I have an addiction.

Seen here: EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket. A little swath of knitting crack which I can hardly bear to put down long enough to photograph and type up this post. I'm enthralled. There will be so much more in the way of updates once this thing is finished, or can be taken intravenously.

But until then it's Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for spinning. Or at least pictures thereof:

So here's what I worked on this week. I'm working from an el cheapo bag of roving ("great for needle felting!") I got at the local Craft-mart for 9 bucks while I'm waiting for my good roving to arrive in the mail. This is just practice roving. And one of the colors was a kind of off-white, muddy greying sort of color which was not really going to match anything, so I just plied it with the pink and decided to name it "Dirty Candy." I think I have enough for a baby hat.

The ultimate problem here is that I'm making baby clothes and I don't know any babies. Or, you know, moms of babies, which I'm more likely to hang out with socially. I need to go out and make some new friends, I guess.

After I finish this jacket.

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Anonymous said...

you are hilarious. i hope you still have a fascination with knitting baby clothes someday when i have kids...which is gonna be awhile, so at least you can practice and find plenty of fun patterns! :)