Friday, September 14, 2007

Quick Questions, Quick Answers

It's time for a quick installment of "Ask the Knittivist" (I will work on a better name for this segment. Suggestions are welcome)

Ls comments:

1. that watermelon stuff that is still fluffy looks like cotton candy!
Kind of. But don't eat it, it's wool. However, I am now amused by the thought of attempting to spin cotton candy. It would be disastrous and sticky, and I believe I'd like to give it a shot.

2. who are you making the world's cutest baby sweater for?!?! i must learn to knit when i have kids!

I ended up putting little football buttons on it and giving it to a guy I work with who has a little boy. He (the dad) was so excited about it that I really want to make baby things for everyone. I'm working on another sweater, so if you want to work on the baby part, you can have it.

3. next time i come home (xmas probably...) i want to see you spin since i have no idea what it consists of...
Imagine a top with a hook at the top of it. Imagine taking the cotton candy, hanging it off the hook, and spinning the top while you hold the cotton candy. The spinning travels up the fiber, tightening it and holding together the formerly loose fibers, into tighter more yarn-y ones. Still don't understand? Guess you'll have to wait for Christmas, then.

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Anonymous said...

aw, you're the best. i now understand spinning, but i still want to see you at xmas. :)