Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spinning Tuesday

So I've been teasing about the new fiber for a couple of days. And now it's Tuesday and Tuesdays are for fiber pron spinning. So without more ado than is necessary I give you the Watermelon Twist batts:

Again: Watermelon Twist from Mandalinn. It's quite lovely, despite my spinning new-bitude. (I think it's a good word, despite my having just now invented it.) I've spun half, and I'm hopefully going to finish the other half tonight or tomorrow so I can ply it. Two ply, i think, is the best I can do for now, I'm hoping to make this my first real knitting handspun. The others have really just been practice. This one is fairly consistent.

And on that note, I'm back to the spindle.

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Anonymous said...

many comments:
1. that watermelon stuff that is still fluffy looks like cotton candy!
2. who are you making the world's cutest baby sweater for?!?! i must learn to knit when i have kids!
3. next time i come home (xmas probably...) i want to see you spin since i have no idea what it consists of...