Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Fiber Pron

It's Friday, and I'm kind of in transit for the weekend, but I didn't want to leave you post-less, so here's some Friday Fiber (F)photos:
The watermelon gum handspun wanted to go on a bike ride. Sadly, it could not reach the pedals, and had to stay on the porch with me.

I'm so pleased with it. It's still not quite as consistent as I'd like, and I've got a long way to go in the area of spinning technique, but overall I'd consider this a very successful enterprise in making usable yarn. So usable, in fact, that I wound and cast on for a hat as soon as I was done with these pictures. Since there's no Tuesday for spinning this week (I have no stash for roving, and so when I finished this I had to order more) I'll try to do a hat update. I will also post my top-down, ridiculous-easy hat recipe, which is great for first-time hat knitters, but likely blindingly obvious to everyone else.

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