Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hi, blog. Hi, winter.

I haven't lived in Wisconsin for very long, and before I did, I lived in Indiana. As such, I am fast approaching my first "Wisconsin winter." This has been the source of much grave warning and serious tones of voices about the temperatures and depth of snow which I will be forced to endure. I am taking these warnings quite seriously, and I am working on a significant increase in the amount of good, warm wool in the stash.

However, the thing that people haven't told me about Wisconsin (and maybe this is just me) is that it isn't really the cold that gets you so much as the wind. The temperature right now is not what is making by bike to work miserable. It is the soul-penetrating icy wind that is doing that. The kind of wind that you can hear outside your house and say to yourself "I'm awfully glad not to be out in that."

As such, I am making grand plans for this weekend that involve mugs of warm beverages (coffee, hot chocolate) and a great deal of knitting of hats and gloves and scarves for myself. I have decided, in the face of wind and Wisconsin weather, I do not have nearly enough to survive the oncoming winter.

First order of business:

finish the partner to this glove...

...and use it for myself, instead of the intended recipient. only until I make myself another pair, with all the fingertips. no, really. promise.

Why no fingertips on the thumb and forefinger? Because the intended recipient is a photographer, and these are the fingers I need uncovered to properly maneuver a camera. thus these are the "photographer's gloves" (pattern exists in my head, but is inspired from Cigar in Knitty.)

And since I will be holding these gloves ransom for another week or two (or three...) I have included a photograph that I took (of not knitting) to appease the aforementioned photographer.

Tommorow's adventures: the (hopefully) completed photographer gloves, and the knittivist version of interweave's swallowtail shawl.

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