Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hi there. Hmm? What's that? Oh...this?
This old thing?

Yeah, I finished it. It's lovely. It's soft. It's going in a box until December.

The finished swallowtail shawl has left a hole in my life which I wanted to fill with lace. Or with tiny, tiny cables for socks. Alas:

These are not cabled socks. They are the fairly-stubborn fair-isle socks. I tried to coax the lovely teal yarn into being cabled (inspired by, but not the same cables as Eunny's bayerische socks)

It did not want to be cables. Every time I tried to cast on, several different versions, and several different attempts, it would not consent to be something it was not.

I could almost year the yarn protest as I knit it. On and on about its life's destiny and plans for greatness that could never be fulfilled in cables (even beautiful, intricate, tiny cables I had planned) no matter how I pulled and prodded, and no matter how many times I ripped back.

Fine. Fine, fine, fine. Fine. Colorwork. The teal is alternated with the variegated purple-blue-black bit that you see above. I am not terribly good at doing colorwork, so this is quite an experiment. I haven't decided if these are socks for me, or if they're gift socks. I should imagine that they'll tell me when the time comes.

I should, however remind the fairly-stubborn socks that I have other, more genial sock yarn. Sock yarn in a wool-silk blend that I'm sure would be happy to be cables. The socks should not expect much more indulgence. I am a fickle knitter.

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