Thursday, October 26, 2006


The fairly stubborn socks are progressing--rather predictably--at a slow pace. This is due to their stubborn nature, and my sincere and reasonable preference for, well, anything other than colorwork (I've never been able to hold two strands of yarn in a way that doesn't make my hands cramp)

Despite all of this I have, indeed made some progress. Here they are, sitting with lappy:

between sock and computer, I am sure there is a plot against me. Despite that, the fairly stubborn sock agreed to be modeled:

in a fairly bad picture of my own foot. (you try taking pictures of your own foot. Not simple.) I will admit that my usual modus operandi is to make things up as I go. Fairly stubborn sock is no different. I am worried about how far I will have to rip back if the decisions I have made about the pattern in the foot do not work out. I can rip back the foot part as many times as I want. I have a high aversion to ripping back completed heels. There's something psychological about it when I have to undo a turning point I thought was behind me.

In the meantime, though, I'll plug along, and perhaps give into the temptation for lace this weekend.


Eliza said...

"turning point." ha ha.

Bea said...
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