Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The green sweater is finally done, dried and ready for wearing. The arms are pretty long. Longer than my arms, anyway. I wore it to work today, and nobody said anything about it. I'm torn between being disappointed that no one admired my sweater, and being pleased that it's good enough that nobody thought to ask me if I actually made it.

Whatever. I like it. It keeps me warm and I think the cable looks like dna. Also, it is green and I love green.
Sweater seen here, omitting the top part of the picture. My face in all of the pictures looked like I was practicing being unphotogenic. I hope you'll forgive me the vanity of thinking I don't make stupid faces all the time. Now that I am properly sweatered, I had hoped to devote my time more fully to the Swallowtail shawl, seen here looking just about the same as last time I took a photograph of it:

I finished the budding lace portion and moved on to the next piece. The handy, dandy shawl calculator (sidebar) says I am 53.5% finished. However, I have made a grave error. Worried about completing the shawl with the ONE ball of yarn I had left, I used the shawl caculator, and somehow read from the "if you start at the top" percentages. Now, I did technically start at the top, but it's knit from the center back outwards. Therefore, for the purposes of these calculations, I started at the tip. Had I started at the top, I would have been 89.2% done when I started the last ball of yarn. I read the chart, saw "89.2% done" and thought to myself, "no problem! I'll have plenty left over." No. Lies. I will not have any leftover. I will run out. I will run out and be in need of one entire ball of yarn, and a bit of yarn from another ball.

I don't know whether to rip back and try for a shorter shawl (it was knit with bigger yarn to begin with, so it's bigger than the published version at this point) or try to order another 2 balls of the same dye lot online. Either way, I think the shawl has to go in the corner for a while and think about what it's done with all that yarn I put into it. It's got to be the shawl's fault

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Jen said...

I love the green sweater and your green socks in the other post too. THe cables do look like dna and I like how they spread out into the ribbing at the bottom.