Monday, October 16, 2006

It's not that easy

Yesterday there was no post because I was walking about my apartment, triumphantly holding aloft the green sweater.

That's a lie. There was no post because for the majority of the day I was knitting the sweater, and then sewing it up, and then there was the triumphantly holding aloft. Then blocking. Now here's where our story gets more interesting:

This picture does nothing to convey this. But the sweater appears huge. Enormous. I am afraid. I am hyperventilating that I have made this sweater specifically to wear myself and I will not be able to. It is a thick, necessary, wintertime sweater (we've talked about winter here. I'm trying to let it go.) Which I intend to wear outside, in public.

I pace back and forth in front of the sweater. I ignore the sweater hoping it will magically shrink. I dare not pick it up and try it on, for fear of stretching it out further.

So I decide to go get another sweater. This is a store-bought sweater that fits something like I want this sweater to fit.
Longer arms (I have long arms), slightly longer torso (I want this sweater to be a bit long). Little extra in the way of width. I think I'm okay. Let us gloss over the fact that I have shown here two green cable-knit sweaters. The second one is the only one that really counts. The other one is store-bought. In fact, to distract you, here are some socks which have been nearly done for some time, they just needed the top cast-off to be fixed so they actually went over my feet.

Oh, these are green too. Nevermind.

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