Thursday, October 19, 2006


I threaded a length of yarn through thw swallowtail shawl and pinned it out.

Current measurements: 23" deep and 49" across the center back. I'm considering adding only the first repeat of edging, and then using a loose crochet-loop cast off instead of the (admittedly beautiful) peaked edging. That one lonely ball of yarn is not going to make it through three more charts of lace edging.
But, it still is quite beautiful. I adore the color. I cannot wait to really block it out and see what it can do.

Last night while the shawl was in the corner I knit a swatch for Jamesy. Here the swatch says hello to the hallowe'en pumpkin.
Jamesy: 19 stitches to the inch on 3.5mm needles
Woolsy: 16.5 stiches to the inch on 3.5mm needles

I think if I knock down to a 3.0mm needle I'll be fine. Trouble is, I don't often knit on circulars, and I certainly haven't knit anything on 3.0mm circulars. Now I've got to go get the damn needles before I can re-swatch. In the meantime I'm going to slip the shawl back onto its needles and hope for the best.

Tomorrow: WIP confession, and possible knitterly disaster.

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